CAD vs. Brugada?

There are a few (eminent) comments appearing on Twitter in favour of CAD (horse) over Brugada (zebra – or is it?)

Features supportive of CAD as the cause are:

  • It is (we think) a more common cause of SCD
  • There are those lateral ST depressions on the ECG
  • His IHD risk factors

Features supportive of possible Brugada are:

  • No akinesis/hypokinesis on Echo and structurally normal appearance
  • No history of diagnosed IHD or chest pain (although of course that means little)
  • The Brugada type 2 morphology
  • Story was suggestive of primary syncope vs. chest pain then syncope (some details were slightly altered in my sketch of the history of presenting illness to protect the protagonists – small town!)
  • The possible role of Na-channel blocker carbemazepine???

I can’t shed light on some of these points yet – stay tuned!



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