About me

Dr Domhnall Brannigan MB BCh BAO BA FACEM

This blog represents my personal opinions, NOT those of my employers.

I am a specialist Emergency Physician from Ireland currently based in Australia.

I originally graduated from Trinity College Dublin back in 2001, and having completed my intern year in Ireland, I left for Perth “for a year” in 2002. Life and medical life were just better over here – so one thing led to another, and another, and here I stayed. The entirety of my specialty training in Emergency Medicine has been in the Australasian region and system, in WA, QLD and TAS.

I now live on an Ireland-sized island south of Australia, the Van Diemen’s Land of Irish legend, with my wife (an ED nurse and university postgrad emergency nursing lecturer), and our 3 year old son. Tasmania has a tenth of Ireland’s population, and I have one of the Earth’s last great wildernesses on my doorstep. I practice in Hobart’s only tertiary referral ED, and I love this little city and it’s oddities. I also recently began moonlighting at Kalgoorlie in Western Australia, which gives me a rural, regional and downright “Wild West” perspective too.

This blog is a rebirth. I originally began using blogs and other Web 2.0 resources while preparing for my ACEM Fellowship exam. I baulked at the standard textbook based approach using the doorstop ED tomes of yore (Tintinalli, Rosen, Cameron, Dunn), and prepared successfully using online resources. During that time, I began to “join the conversation” with Emergency Physicians the world over through Social Media, and my world changed. This is the result. My original blog, the underneaths of things began to veer towards a professional outlet, and this became somewhat confused with the more personal content. Now, out the other side of the dreaded exam, the time has come to embark on a new project – a dedicated Emergency Medicine blog – here goes!!!

Since attending ICEM 2012 in Dublin, closer collaboration with other bloggers has led to the concept of FOAM – Free Open Access Meducation. The idea is an egalitarian, democratic social hub for the sharing of medical education web 2.0 resources and is being championed by Mike Cadogan of http://lifeinthefastlane.com fame. I am part of this “movement” and I encourage you to be too. We think it is the future of medical education.


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